About Girish Nair

Girish Nair believes that the Art of painting is giving shape and colour to ones thoughts and ideas, a visual representation of thoughts that words fall short of expressing.

Girish has seamlessly exhibited this purpose in his expressions of Art. An artist, instructor and motivator, Girish has created his own unique space in the world of creativity by speaking through the canvas. Although known for his portraits in oil and color pencils, he has a special interest in exploring thought through Art.

His repertoire, includes paintings ranging from brushwork to knife and bare fingers. Since 2009, Girish Nair’s Studio of Visual Arts has trained over 200 students across the United States and Canada through virtual and in-house classroom sessions. Being a self-taught artist, Girish understands student capabilities and limitations thereby helping them harness their innate qualities. He achieves this by working on their mental and physical ability, by eliminating fear, developing confidence, and working on the individual’s motor skills. His students view him as their tutor and mentor, whereas he simply describes the symbiosis as essential to make him a better artist.

Though Girish believes that learning and teaching is a never-ending process, what feeds his soul is small acts of kindness.

The urge to reach out and do something for the welfare of others has always been his focus. His response to his inner soul’s calling to help and support the needy has always been a part of his journey as an artist. As a lead artist at many shows doing live painting to auctioning his work for various noble causes, to founding Heartist World Inc. a not for profit (501C3) organization Girish continues to find ways to be in sync with his heart and mind. www.Heartist.world, an online marketplace, is one of the very few student run organizations that promotes art by selling artwork for charity.

His pursuit of using art as a tool to promote social causes was seen during the COVID19 pandemic. He was selected for a Mecklenburg county initiative as one of the three artists to create a large window mural painting at a public place in Charlotte, the goal was to educate the public on the need to stay vigilant against the virus.