Tavern Trove: Waiting for the Party

Tavern Trove: Waiting for the Party


Aspect Ratio: 1.53:1

Width: 23 Inch

Height: 15 Inch

Disclaimer: This is a digitally downloadable version of Original Girish Nair Painting. Upon payment you will be able to download the high resolution file without watermark.



A classical portrayal of the tavern scene of an bygone era, the artist beautifully captures an old world charm through this picture. Those were days when a gettogether would mean a good collection of wine and food and overdoses of love and laughter. Through beautiful use of color pencil strokes, the artist brings to life what a tavern corner would look like before the party would begin. A wine bottle and a glass play hide-n-seek amidst an array of different fruits in bright colors.

Additional information

Aspect Ratio



23 Inch


15 Inch