The Herd


Aspect Ratio: 2.5:1

Width: 40 Inch

Height: 16 Inch

Disclaimer: This is a digitally downloadable version of Original Girish Nair Painting. Upon payment you will be able to download the high resolution file without watermark.



The Herd: Is it an individual strength which contributes to collective power? Or is it the power of the collective which contributes to individual strength? The herd – an artistic portrayal of a group of horses running towards a destination throws that challenge to ponder on. Painted against the backdrop of vibrant hues of orange, the horses are a silhouette in grey. This is as if to stress on the point that as we move in a group, our individual identities do not matter. Running towards a singular goal, we are just ‘the herd’.

Additional information

Aspect Ratio



40 Inch


16 Inch